Hello, my name is Loren Vander Woude president of Dynamic CNC Machining. In the 90's I was working as a Senior Mechanical Designer for an aerospace company in southern California where we designed and manufactured helicopter rescue hoists and cargo winches. After 14 years of being at the company I decided to start a company called Action Signs and Billboards Inc. In 1999 I moved my family back to Chandler, MN where I grew up.

Some time later we purchased some land and put up a new facility where we manufactured some unique types of signs If you want to take a look, check out Action Signs and Billboards. The sign business continued to grow until about 2008 when things started slowing up. So we started manufacturing a few other products. In 2012 a company approached me about purchasing a vertical CNC machine. They knew I had a CAD (Computer Aided Design) background and that I had worked as a Mechanical Designer in the aerospace industry. They wanted me to manufacture some of their OEM parts. So in 2012 I purchased a new Hurco VM10 which is a vertical CNC milling machine.

In 2013 the CNC side of the business continues to grow and some of our customers suggested we should have another name for this side of the business that better reflects what we do for them. We took their suggestions and decided on the name Dynamic CNC Machining. Dynamic meaning vigorous, full of energy, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose and both able to get things going and to get things done.

We are excited about this side of the business and we like working with our customers. We enjoy having customers come to us with their suggestions of how they would like to improve their parts. Sometimes it can be as simple as putting a larger radius in the corner, thickening up the part, changing the material or coming up with an entire new assembly. With the customers knowledge of how the parts work and our design knowledge we can often times come up with a new design that will reduce the cost compared to the OEM part and give them a part that will last longer.

Notice: Dynamic CNC Machining makes after market parts. We are not associated with or representing any OEM companies and we are not an authorized dealer or distributor of any OEM companies.