Stainless Steel

Custom Parts

MFG. Part No. Description Our Part No.
132970   Enlarge Image Hoegger Press Guide
Stainless Steel Hoegger Guide, Width, 102784, 132970, HGR
HSE250-064-324   Enlarge Image Pressing Block
Pressing Block, 7" O.D. stainless steel cone
  Enlarge Image Crank Assembly
  Enlarge Image Pneumatic Cheese Slicer
Pneumatic cheese slicer built for a customer of ours. The slicer harp simply lifts up so a different harp can drop in. The Acetal pusher can be changed by simply removing two bolts. The unit weighs 78 pounds so it can be moved to different locations if needed. The cylinder has an 8" stroke.
  Enlarge Image Cover Shield
  Enlarge Image Scraper
  Enlarge Image Forming Station Assemly
  Enlarge Image Forming Station Assembly
  Enlarge Image Test Cheese Slicer
  Enlarge Image Meat Containers
  Enlarge Image Hoegger Press Parts
  Enlarge Image 2.50" O.D. Tube Assembly
  Enlarge Image Gripper Strut
  Enlarge Image 304 Stainless Parts
  Enlarge Image Stainless Steel Rod Carts
  Enlarge Image Spacer
  Enlarge Image Stainless steel plate
This is a stainless steel plate that is 2.25" thick 12" wide and 37" long. Needed a forklift to load it into the CNC machine.
  Enlarge Image Stainless Steel Gripper
These are stainless steel grippers that are pneumatically actuated. They grip the stick on an ice cream bar and then lift and move the ice cream bar off the conveyor.
  Enlarge Image Water Jet parts
Stainless steel parts with threaded holes and pipe threads.
  Enlarge Image End caps on slide rail
These were orginally plastic and the customer asked us to make them from 304 stainless and then spot weld the cover on the back.
  Enlarge Image Slicer Harp
Redesigned the OEM assembly to include 2 more blades while reducing the number of parts by 20
  Enlarge Image Pivot Block
1.50" thick 304 stainless left and right hand parts.
  Enlarge Image Slide Block
1.00" thick block with slots and 3/8-16 threaded hole.
  Enlarge Image Custom made Stainless Steel Sprockets, No. 100 x 24 tooth Sprocket
We had a customer that was breaking the teeth on their plastic sprockets so we reverse engineered them and machined them from 304 stainless.
  Enlarge Image Guillotine Cutting Blade
This is a Guillotine Cutting Blade. The serrated edges were machined on our Hurco VM10 along with the knife edges and then TIG welded together.
  Enlarge Image Knife Blades
These are knife blades made from 304 stainless.

Notice: Dynamic CNC Machining makes after market parts. We are not associated with or representing any OEM companies and we are not an authorized dealer or distributor of any OEM companies.