Custom Parts

MFG. Part No. Description Our Part No.
70597074   Enlarge Image Shear Bar
  Enlarge Image Chain Lug
  Enlarge Image Nozzle with shut off valve
Has a 3/4-14 NPT thread
  Enlarge Image Shut off valves
These are shut off valves used for then end of wash down hoses.
B-54176-A & B-59978-A   Enlarge Image Shear Bar
DCM-SSJ-1001 & DCM-SSJ-1000
M1301516   Enlarge Image Injector Plate
  Enlarge Image 35 Tooth Gear
  Enlarge Image Acetal Valves
  Enlarge Image Plugs for a milking system
  Enlarge Image Robot Claw
This is an Acetal part that was machined from a solid block. It is used as a claw for grabbing a product and moving it to another location.
  Enlarge Image Film Centering Mounts
  Enlarge Image Cover Plates
  Enlarge Image Multi Vac Top Plate
This is the front side of a Multi Vac Top Plate.
  Enlarge Image Acetal Inserts
These inserts are used on a grinder. The meat is forced through them and then lands on a conveyor.
  Enlarge Image Multi Vac Top Plate
This is the back side of a Multi Vac Top Plate
  Enlarge Image Pusher
Acetal Pusher.
  Enlarge Image 120 tooth sprocket
This sprocket was made in two pieces so that it could be quickly assembled with out having to take the machine apart.
  Enlarge Image Sausage Splitter
This part is attached to a 1.00" I.D. hose. Ground sausage is puhsed through the hose and into the assembly. The sausage then comes out the exit side in the form of 5 round links.
  Enlarge Image Sausage Splitter
Either of the two lower parts can be bolted to the top part. This allows sausage to be pressed through the slots or holes depending on what shape the user wants the sausage to be.
  Enlarge Image

Notice: Dynamic CNC Machining makes after market parts. We are not associated with or representing any OEM companies and we are not an authorized dealer or distributor of any OEM companies.